Richmond Skyline

Skylines are what make cities so magical. Photo: Thompson

Sacred Heart Part Deux

This building is so gorgeous at any point in the day, but seeing it at night with all of its up lights really adds to the drama of the architecture. Photo: Thompson

Stages of Night

All of these photos were achieved in the span of 30 minutes. How drastically the sun must fall in the winter! The soft up light from the rose colored flood light adds a certain romance on the brick, while the sky is painted with rich colors of blue. Between the tile work and the quality of light I couldn't help myself! Photo: Thompson


Stages of Sunset

I think there is nothing prettier in the world than a sunset. I could take photos of sunsets for the rest of my existence and always be satisfied. Photo: Thompson

Sacred Heart

Gorgeous old cathedral in Richmond, Virginia. Photo: Thompson


More Dogs and Cats

My dogs with some cats we were fostering. How could I help myself? Photo: Thompson


Street Art!!

I wish I knew what the sign said!!. A.

Something Completely Different

Gorilla warfare. A.

Street Art!!

I love this tag! It's so... so.... ZANY!! A.

unfinished product

Though I did finish this painting, I only got a good picture of it halfway finished. If the person that I gave it to ever decides to speak to me again, then I might be able to take a picture of the final product, but until then this will have to do. A.

Street Art!!

It's so good to see a new style of street art. A.

Something Completely Different

This is where the cat is. Don't forget. A.



Although we have had a lot of time off lately, we seem to have either been too busy or lazy to post new images. SO! As we have more work to do later on in the week, we will try to post as much as we can as soon as we can. Thanks for being patient! A & C.


Graffiti Lookout!

We are starting to follow certain street art around the city mainly to document the work and allow more people to see the hard work of others. If you happen to be the artist whose image we post, let us know! We would love to see more of your work. Images will be posted soon. Enjoy!! A.

Copy and or Paste

The Battle of the Sexes. A.

baby makers!!

Rabbits everywhere!!!!!!!! A.